Why Hire an Electrician in Tampa FL?

Why Hire an Electrician in Tampa FL?

Having faulty wires in your home can be dangerous. It can lead to blown fuses, tripped breakers and even house fires. Having a licensed electrician can help you avoid these problems.

Choose a licensed Electrician in Tampa FL who is insured and has excellent reviews. Also, look for a company that provides up-front pricing and guarantees work.

Electrical Contractors

Working with electricity isn’t generally a do-it-yourself job. Even small tasks, like swapping out a lightbulb, should be left to a licensed Electrician in Tampa FL. Electricians can also do safety inspections and help figure out why your energy bill is so high.

Look for an electrician with up-front pricing and guaranteed satisfaction. Find out how long they’ve been in business and whether their license is up to date. They should also offer a warranty on labor and parts.

For example, Hoffman Electrical offers upfront pricing with flat rates, same-day service and written warranties. They are available 24/7 and have a membership program that provides discounts and benefits.

Small Jobs Electric

Small Jobs Electric is a local company that offers a variety of residential electrical services. They can handle complex repairs, service upgrades, home rewiring, and lighting installation. They are family owned and operated, which allows them to prioritize customer satisfaction.

They have been in business for more than 30 years and specialize in residential electrical work. They can perform recessed lighting installations, which can accentuate larger light fixtures or illuminate hallways. They can also install landscape lighting, which increases curb appeal and security. They can also install exterior lighting, including downlighting (ground mounted lights aimed downward for a soft lighting effect) and uplighting (lights that are directed upward to highlight focal points in your landscape). They also offer generator transfer switches and surge protection.


Working with electricity isn’t a do-it-yourself task, and you should never attempt to perform an intensive electrical repair job on your own. Unless you are experienced in this area, you should always leave major repairs to the professional electricians Tampa FL locals trust. Whether you need a simple lightbulb swapped out or more extensive work done on your household’s wiring, hiring a licensed electrician will be well worth the investment. Many LTC policies include a provision that allows the insurance company to rescind your policy for up to two years if you made any false statements on your application. This is known as an Incontestable Clause.