PrimeFlow Well Pump Services Keeping Your Water Flowing

PrimeFlow Well Pump Services Keeping Your Water Flowing

PrimeFlow Well Pump Services Keeping Your Water Flowing

Your well pump works hard to supply your home with clean, fresh water. A large issue with a well pump can shut off water to your entire house.

If the breaker associated with your water well keeps tripping, this is a clear indicator of an issue with your system’s pressure tank. Call a licensed plumber immediately.


Most of us take our clean water for granted when we live in a city or suburb with a public water supply. But homeowners, farms, and businesses in remote locations rely on well pumps to supply them with their fresh water. This means that well pump problems can have a huge impact on daily life.

If your well pump services starts making strange sounds or if you notice that your home’s water pressure is changing, it’s time to call a professional. A pump that’s constantly running to maintain water pressure could be a sign of a bad pressure switch or other electrical failure, which can be expensive to repair.

Make sure all power is off to the pump and the control box (again, check the owner’s manual for specific steps), and then use a voltmeter to confirm there is no electricity flowing at the pump. After that, install the first drop pipe and attach it with a safety tool to your well head.


If your well pump has stopped working, you need to call for a well repair service right away. It is important that you do this because your water supply relies on the pump for continued functionality. There are many working parts in your well system that could be causing the problem, such as:

An Electrical Failure at the Controller or Pressure Switch

The motor that runs your well pump is powered by electricity. If the electrical system fails, your pump will stop working and you will not have water.

A Clogged Pump Screen

Over time, the filter screen on your well pump can become clogged with silt and sediment. This causes low water flow and requires cleaning or replacement.


Millions of homes across the country rely on private wells for their water supply. The well system pumps water up to a pressurized tank on the surface, usually positioned in the basement or crawl space of the home. This water is then distributed through a house’s plumbing to showers, washing machines and kitchen appliances.

Performing routine maintenance on a well pump can extend its life cycle and help prevent problems down the road. A well service company can help homeowners set up a routine maintenance schedule and keep a log to track issues over time.

There are some tasks that can be done by a homeowner, such as cleaning the well pump’s cooling fans to remove dirt, cobwebs and debris that can build up over time. Keeping the fans clean can prevent the overheating of the system that may result in significant long-term damage. Other issues that can be spotted by a homeowner include an electric breaker that continuously trips, low water pressure and strange noises coming from the well pump.


A well pump is essential for homeowners in remote locations who don’t have access to a public water supply. Well service companies can provide well drilling, installation, conversion and maintenance to ensure a home always has a reliable water source.

A spitting or banging well faucet is often the first sign of a problem. This is caused by air trapped somewhere in a home’s plumbing system and may indicate the need for a pressure change. A spike in electricity bills is another possible indication that a well pump is nearing the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced.

Changing a well pump requires turning off the power to the well at a circuit breaker and disconnecting all wires. Well services professionals can handle this project safely and effectively. They can also help the homeowner choose the right type of well pump to suit their home and well system. This is an important decision as a poorly matched pump will not perform at optimal levels and could cause expensive problems in the future.