Crystal Memory 3D Ultra Faceted Rectangle & Light Box

3D Crystal Faceted Rectangle

Crystal Memory 3D Ultra Faceted Rectangle & Light Box

The 3D Crystal Faceted Rectangle is a unique large faceted photo crystal that will capture and preserve memories and special moments forever. It comes with a free LED light base and is ready to be engraved.

MD simulations show that the (112) plane grows much faster than other crystal planes upon fast compression, indicating effective large overpressure near the interface facilitating local nonequilibrium growth condition.


This crystal block features a large facetted rectangle and comes with a 110V LCD light base. This unique crystal is a great way to display your favorite photo of you or a loved one. Laser engraved on both sides, your photo will be preserved forever and will become a cherished keepsake for generations. Please note that although all photos can be engraved on these crystals, only the thicker photo crystals allow for 3D engraving (depth). The thinner photo crystals are suitable only for 2D laser etching.


The auxiliary edge energy protocol allows us to solve a broad class of crystal shapes, including those with no mirror symmetry.13 As shown in the left insets, experimental e-plots of SnSe (m = -0.67) for a variety of auxiliary energies a yield Wulff construction shapes that closely match theory.

Moreover, the full interpolation ansatz function e(a) satisfies the master system of equations 1-4. Therefore, the slanted vicinal edges are all well defined, and the resulting shape is robust against errors in the selection of auxiliary energies.

In summary, first-principles-based computations—including density functional theory (DFT)—nicely complete the Wulff construction by offering a fully characterizing formula of the shape of the Y-crystal, based on all its elemental chemical potentials. This makes it possible to understand how a slanted crystal reaches equilibrium, and its structural details from the ground state to its morphology. The approach also holds promise for low-symmetry biomolecules and proteins, as well as for 3D materials like graphene.

Engraving Options

Engrave a meaningful message or an image/logo into the crystal for a personalized touch. The 2D laser etching and 3D photo crystal engraving processes will fuse your design and crystal shape into a piece to be treasured forever.

Optical crystal is the highest quality material providing superior clarity without chill marks, bubbles or flow lines to make your personalization stand out. Add a color fill to make the engraved image/logo pop. Multiple colors, custom or PMS matched colors require an email quote.

Art glass is a combination of clear glass with colorful artistic designs and can have small air bubbles, variations and other character that makes each piece one-of-a-kind. These items are ideal for rewarding employees, commemorating a special event or memorializing a loved one. They also work well as promotional paperweights, event mementos or decorative pieces. Some options include lighted bases to add an extra touch of sparkle and brightness. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes.